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Much Better by Changing the Sitting Position

Much Better by Changing the Sitting Position


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Want to See the Identity Card of Zardari?

People want to see the CNIC of Zardari. Here is a funny shot of the ID card of Zardari. Zaradri was the president of Pakistan. This CNIC was also used in a public advertisement by a renowned cellular company.


Note: This image is just for the purpose of fun.

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iPod as iDrink to open the bottle cap

People have been making things like iPods and iPads. Now some artist has beautifully made an opener of a bottle just like the iPod.

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Copy Paste Babies

Twins always look beautiful and it is very difficult to differentiate between them. Sometimes they look funny when they are said Copy Paste.

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Funny Wall Chalking in Urdu

Here is some view of the funny Wall Chalking. many wall chalking are mixed with each other and the mixture becomes very funny image.


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