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Much Better by Changing the Sitting Position

Want to See the Identity Card of Zardari?

People want to see the CNIC of Zardari. Here is a funny shot of the ID card of Zardari. Zaradri was the president of Pakistan. This CNIC was also used in a public advertisement by a renowned cellular company.

Note: This image is just for the purpose of fun.

iPod as iDrink to open the bottle cap

People have been making things like iPods and iPads. Now some artist has beautifully made an opener of a bottle just like the iPod.

Copy Paste Babies

Twins always look beautiful and it is very difficult to differentiate between them. Sometimes they look funny when they are said Copy Paste.

Funny Wall Chalking in Urdu

Here is some view of the funny Wall Chalking. many wall chalking are mixed with each other and the mixture becomes very funny image.

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