Thank You for driving so carefully

careful driving

What do you want be in Future?

When asked about what you want to be in your near future.

Baby replies: Dulha

When he is seen with strange way: He says PILOT.

aim of life


Mona Lisa after having Facebook Account

Mona Lisa is very happy shown in this picture after she got an account on facebook. These days very amazing and strange accounts are being made on fb like GOD on facebook as it is still taken.

mona lisa facebook-jokes

Kismat ka Haal janey


Want to See the Identity Card of Zardari?

People want to see the CNIC of Zardari. Here is a funny shot of the ID card of Zardari. Zaradri was the president of Pakistan. This CNIC was also used in a public advertisement by a renowned cellular company.


Note: This image is just for the purpose of fun.

I Love You and Shut Up Jokes

shut up jokes